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We have gathered information on what you need to know with regards to publishing. We have provided answers to some common questions. If there is anything you would like to see added here let us know. Here is an example of a question and its answer:

What is an ebook?

An ebook is a digital format that you can even download to your own computer by just using a software program. Ebooks can be read on a computer. The books content is also an electronic format and can be read on the computer or a digital device. "Ebook" is short for electronic book.  A book that is available in electronic formats.  This ebook can be anything from the version of a paper book, to more contents that include any hyperlinks. Ebooks mainly are systems that you can read off any type of software, digital device source, and other books. It will help people by not having to do any hard research workings.


How can I publish my book?

If you want to know if your book can be published and you want it to be published then you will need to simply send the book on diskette or send it to the publishers over the net. The kind of books that are needed to be books that have gone out of print, books by new authors, and reference titles. The way the system would work is by adding your book to the our system, advertising the book that is available, collecting the payment from the customer, and paying your standard author royalties.  You also need to allow the system to take information from you about your book. You will have to give us the right to use the copyright, make sure that the rights you give us you own, allow us that we are allowed to sell your book for at least 6 months, and after that you can withdraw your book back if you are not pleased with our system and how we are trying to publish the book.  Basically also you will need to let us know about the book and what category it will fall under.


How can I start a publishing business?

Self-publishing can make you make a fortune. Publishing large and small have made it easier for you to realize that the information people would want to know, you can copy them for pennies and sell them for more then pennies. Publishers produce  print and electronic documents. There aren't any expensive seminars to attend or any high priced manuals to buy. You wouldn't even have to open up an office for yourself. Starting from nothing and making so much can be one of the most rewarding methods or goals of the business you have accomplished. You will be 100% on your own however.  It will be an achievement or a great art of work that will be outstanding in the near future to come. With all of the profits people are making around the world.


What to do while opening up a business?

The pros on trying to open up a business are trying to be on your own and deciding yourself what you are capable of and not.  Have as much as money as possible in to your bank account and spend little money as possible out of your banking account.  You will have the ability to explore new business concepts. All the taxation and profits are on you.  There will be no restrictions on your business methods and you will have to be controlling the the expansion to suit. You need the ability to be able to make changes and get used to new things and adapting to them. Nothing is impossible, but things can get very difficult.  Constantly motivate yourself and your staff if you have any with positive mentality and thinking.


What should I be aware of while opening up a business?

There will be plenty of problems to deal with and any things to learn while opening up your business. When dealing with problems you should always be maintaining a positive attitude and keeping your head up. If you give up on the problems you will get no where. Even maybe the problems will get worst to deal with. Deal with all of the problems with your head up high in the sky.  If they get worst the person and the situation you will have to be dealing with would be because of you letting it get worst.  Some things you need to be worried about are not falling in love with the business and forgetting the whole point of the business and not making money anymore. Your business may fail with the first year, but don't give up do what you had started and just continue. It may fall into steep curves a nd you may not be able to get yourself out of them but again you need to keep your head up high throughout this whole situation. Last but not least don't listen to anyone even family if the ar putting you down, if they are just do what you are doing and  try to get through it and look back and laugh. 


How can I self publish books?

Most people self-publish books so that they can take control because they want all the rewards. Many wonderful publishers with all of their great ideas get rejected from other publishers. The way you can get started on self publishing and selling your book is by choosing from 5 books sizes, either you want black and white books in full color covers, and even no setup fees or minimum quantities.  You even need to choose the retail price and earn the difference between the price and your base price.  The costing is based on the number of pages in you and even the type of binding you want to offer. Pricing however is the same for all book sizes. Self publishing has to come into play.  You also need to have completed control over your book design. Self publishing also you own all of the rights to the book and all of the profits coming straight into your hands.

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